Setting up a Creation pcut ct 630 and Creation pcut cto 630

pcut ct 630

pcut ct 630

The Creation pcut ct 630 and Creation pcut cto 630 are good vinyl plotters for the price but it isn’t the easiest thing to setup. First thing it has usb port but I have never had any luck with it, a quick search on Google shows that most people use the serial port anyway. The program I’ve had most success with is Sign Blazer, it isn’t the best looking software but it does the job. In the guide i will be setting up a Creation pcut ct 630 but the same steps work with the pcut cto 630, the pcut cto 630 is a newer version of the pcut ct 630

To setup the Creation pcut ct 630 using the serial connection you first need to make sure your serial port is working on your PC or laptop. If you right click on my computer and then click on manage this will bring up the Computer Management Window in the left column you will need to click on device manager.  Which should look something like this?

From here you need to click on “Ports (COM & LPT)”, this will should you all your serial (COM) and parallel (LPT) ports. Sign Blazer only sees the first few serial ports so if the one you want to use is over 5 you will have to right click and go to properties the go to the advanced port settings and change it to something lower.

Now open Sign Blazer and go to the cutter preferences, the Cutter should be “Creation pcut ct 630”.  Change the Output Device to the serial (COM) port you’re using; it should look something like this:

Next you will need to click on “comm settings” you shouldn’t have to change anything but just make sure they are the same as the following:

In the manual that comes with the PCut CT 630 it says you should set the Baud rate to 19200 but I couldn’t get it working at that speed. Now that is all setup you will need to make sure the vinyl plotter is setup.

once your vinyl plotter is turned on you will need to press the “on-line” button then the mode button 7 times to get the Baud setting, if you haven’t guessed this needs to be 9600. To change the baud rate is a bit strange to change it to a lower speed press the + and for a faster speed press -.

After all that is done remember to press the mode button to get back to the screen for setting the X and Y axis, then press the “on-line” button and make sure the screen says on-line. The plotter won’t cut unless the screen says on-line. With all that done you should be ready to use your plotter.

If you have any questions about setting up creation pcut ct 630 or pcut cto 630 feel free to ask in the comments.


First go on a Vinyl Cutter

This was the result of  my first go on a vinyl cutter, this all started life as a image on the internet which I had to change to black and white, the turn in to a vector image using autotrace which  was able to print out with the vinyl cutter. I plan to do some more experimenting and hopefully more pictures soon with better ideas.




Converting PNG/BMP to Vector with AutoTrace

AutoTrace is an old but great piece of software that can convert PNG, BMP and a lot of other image files in to Vector files that are compatible with Adobe Illustrator. AutoTrace is opensource and have windows binaries and the source code available for Linux user. at the typing the last update was in 2002 but it does what it says on the tin. for people wanting to give it a go the kool people at roitsystems have a web based version here.

using the web base version it converted a few different images and a 700kb file took around a minute to convert, but it worked perfectly on the following image, and the vector file is here



when using autotrace never use an image with a transparent background as you will end up with a black square instead of what you wanted.



Photo Zoom Pro

Here a sample of what Photo Zoom Pro can do, its not perfect but it does make a difference. As you can see this program is does make quite a bit of difference.

This is the original Picture 200 x 200

Click on the picture to to enlarge


Screen Printing

Ive started to look in to screen printing as a way of designing T-shirts, I’m struggling to get any inspiration for designs so though I just try and help out a friend and design a t-shirt for his PC repair business, this is my first attempt.


I started off with a 200×200 colour picture of that monkey and had to turn it in to something that was easily screen printed, with the help of  Photo Zoom which enlarged the picture and tried to enhance the quality and done a pretty good job. Using photoshop and some time I managed convert it to something useable. I’ll try to get some samples to show how good Photo Zoom is.

I know the pupils are not finished, I want to finish them off with a sharpie when I print the design on to acetate. Which is the next step…. More to come hopefully with more pictures

If you need your PC or Mac repair and your in the Kent area Computer Monkey is a worth a call. On the website you are able to see the logo I started of with.



The Beginning

Time for me to use this site, the plan was to try  post some useful articles that would help people. but turns out I havnt got any thing to say. I’ve just recently decided to try my hand at perl again so I may just end up post some of my attempts to script something. this post was pretty pointless but it made me feel better about having the site.





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