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How to Block iMessage Spam

Spam on imessage is starting to be a problem for some people, I believe this is because imessage is free to use to anyone with a mac, iPhone, iTouch or iPad, also it is possible to identify a phone number or email address associated with imessage without sending any test imessages. Unfortunately apple at this time haven’t implemented a system to be able to block specific users on imessage. But don’t worry there are two choices to block imessage spam. The first is to turn off imessage, for most people this is not an option. For those who want to turn off imessage this is done but going to settings them message and turning off imessage. In the picture below you can see how turn off imessage:

Turning off imessage

The second choice is to block imessage spam is to only get imessage notifications from your contacts. This will not stop you from receiving imessage spam but will stop your phone notifying you when you receive it.

To only receive notifications about imessage from your contacts you will have to go to settings then to notifications. In notifications you will have to scroll down to the bottom of and change the “Show iMessage Alerts From:” option from everyone to my contacts only. In the picture below you can see what you need to change:


How to Block Imessage Spam


This will not stop you getting imessage from spammers but block imessage spam by not notifying you every time you get spam. Hopefully apple are starting to get plans in place to be able fight imessage spam as time goes on this will become more and more of a problem, but to this date apple haven’t made any statements on how or if they try to block spam on their imessage infrastructure. For more information on imessage spam check out this post about imessage spam.

Living 21

living 21

Living21 is a great website thats trying to promote awareness of what they can do to help others and how a little help goes a long way. This is how they explain there objectives:

Living 21 – The Early Years…..helping children to see and begin to understand the world, to play and learn.

Living 21 – The Learning Years…..helping the young through school, university, apprenticeships. Ensuring that choices are understood, ideas shared and support given.

Living 21 – The Working Years…..helping people to cope with work-life balance, building work and life skills, managing challenges in the workplace, redundancy, stress advancement.

Living 21 – The Rewarding Years…..Helping to identify choices as the family grows and needs change, new opportunities and visions for the future.

Living 21 – The Later Years…..Helping to make life better in advancing years, ensure care is planned for and provided, decisions about homes and finances and enjoying every minute.

 Also check out their twitter @living_21


First go on a Vinyl Cutter

This was the result of  my first go on a vinyl cutter, this all started life as a image on the internet which I had to change to black and white, the turn in to a vector image using autotrace which  was able to print out with the vinyl cutter. I plan to do some more experimenting and hopefully more pictures soon with better ideas.




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