Netflix has finally come to the UK, at £5.99 a month for all you can stream it sounds a good deal. But after using the streaming service over the past two weeks I’ve found that it just depends on what your looking to watch. Netflix selection of films is in my opinion very limited, although I can always find a film to watch it is never my first choice and I find my self watching films from the 80s or films that I’ve never heard of before. Although I have found a handful of films that were great and probably wouldn’t have watch them if I had a choice of some thing else. Netflix does have a good selection of TV series but there is still room for improvement

Netflix does allow you to log in with your Facebook account, which makes signing up a bit quicker but also then publishes what you watch on to your wall. You do have a choice but I didn’t realise and now everybody knows my shameful secret that I like to watch the secret diaries of a call girl. Lol

Although I have pointed out all of the problems the fact is even after the 1 month free trial I still have a subscription and  I’m still using it nearly everyday. so give the month free trial a go you never know you might like secret diaries of a call girl aswell.