A lot of people are guilty are of the one cardinal sin to do with passwords, that is using the same password for every single account. We all know that we shouldn’t but it’s just so hard to have all our passwords secure, unique and memorable. The idea of variable passwords is as long as you remember the steps to get the password all of your accounts can have unique and secure passwords.

The idea is you have a constant password which should be a secure password to start off with, for help choosing a secure password read my article on choosing a secure password. The constant password is used in all of your passwords. Added to the constant will be a variable that is different for every account/service, the way the variable is decided and added can be as easy or as hard as you want.

The variable has to be something to do with the website or service it will be used for, a good example would be the website URL. The first or last 3 letters of the URL could be the variable, once we have the variable could be put on the end of constant or in the middle. Here is a simple examples:

Constant = password

URL = gmail.com

Variable at the end : passwordgma

Variable in the middle : passgmaword


Although this would make your password more secure it maybe noticed that your gmail password has “gma” in it, a better idea would be to change variable in to numbers. The easiest way would be a=1, b=2, c =3 and so on. So “gma” now becomes: 7131 (g=7, m=13, a=1).Which is hard to see how the variable was decided. Taking that one step further you could alternate between the constant and variable password. This could be either the initial variable or the number variable derived from the initial variable. Here are some examples:

Varible Passwords


The idea can be expanded to reverse the variable before you use it or add your birth date on to the variable once it has been converted to numbers. The idea of variable passwords can be as simple or complex as you want it to be, As long as you can remember the steps to get your variable and how they are placed in the password you should never forget any of your unique and secure passwords again.



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