Secure passwords will help all your personal information stay safe and a 64 character password will help this. Although it may sound over the top, it is important for your peace of mind that no one will be able to guess your password. This will help ensure that no one but you has access to your data. This might include your: email, social network or financial accounts. Not everyone can remember a 64 character password so we need to choose secure passwords without having them so long.

There are a few rules we should follow when choosing secure passwords. The basic things that everyone should know are:

  • Use upper and lower case letters
  • Use Numbers

The problems with just using these are there are so many programs that go through a dictionary to guess your password and there are even some that are able to replace certain letters with numbers (e.g. S and 5, O and 0, T and 7). This means that just using these basic ways will not give you secure passwords.

There are a few more rules we should use when choosing secure passwords:

  • Using symbols
  • If your using a word as your password misspell it
  • Using random letters, numbers and symbols
  • Longer the password the more secure it is

If you only use lower case letters a 6 character password has 309 million combinations. By using Upper, lower case, number and symbols a 6 character password has 782 billion combinations. Best practise would be to use random letters, numbers and symbols but in real life not everyone would be able to remember this without having it written down somewhere, As that would make all the secure passwords useless if some one were to notice the post-it on your desk.

These tips will help you have secure passwords but doesn’t help remembering every password you need, for that I recommend using the idea of variable password. Its a simple idea that makes it easy to have secure and unique password for all of your accounts. For some more information about having a secure passwords read about Variable Passwords.

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