With the Raspberry Pi about to ship I’m sure everyone is trying to think of some uses for them, So here is a list of uses I could think of  for the Raspberry Pi

Low Cost NAS

Using the 2 USB ports it is possiable to setup a home nas, unfortunatly freenas dont do a ARM processor build. The buffalo terastation is an arm based NAS so it is possable to do.

Web Server

fedora are making sure that apache most used web server is working so it can be used on the Raspberry Pi’s ARM processor, i dont suggest it for a high traffic web site but it would be great for a person site or web development.

Digital Sign

The Raspberry Pi is a great little low cost and low power consumption PC to use to power a digital signage solution. It is more than capiable for displaying a web page.

Low Power Consumption Torrent Server

With the Raspberry Pi you would no longer have to leave your PC on to download your torrents, with a usb harddrive connect or maybe mapped back to a shared on your nas you can download torrents all day every

Mobile Wireless Access Point

The Raspberry Pi is powered by mini usb which makes it great to be used as a mobile Wireless Access Point, but currently im not sure if anyone has got a usb 3g modem working with the ARM processor yet.

Educational Use

I currently work in education and it would be a great low cost device to teach programming on, it has been said to be the BBC micro for the new generation.

If you have any more ideas for uses share them in the comments


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