If your looking to block iMessage spam check out this blog post : How to block iMessage spam

Will iMessage spam be the next big thing for mobile marking spammers? Just like Facetime that started out on IOS devices and soon made its way to OSX, iMessage will probably follow soon enough. But what would be the use of having iMessage on a device that wasn’t in your pocket? well there isn’t so apple may add iMessage to the rest if their products on me.com


If you search iMessage spam there are the first few reports from people about iMessage spam but at the moment it isn’t a problem the majority have. But there is a problem with the current iMessage system unlike Blackberry Messenger you do not have to add before they can message you, so any one with your iMessage phone number or email address is able to send you anything they wish. Some thing that most people won’t have noticed because you only give out your iMessage to people you want to contact you, but currently there isn’t a way to block people on iMessenger, the only way is to turn off your iMessage.

I’m sure that apple with be able to stop certain iMessage accounts if they get to many complaints but it is easy enough to open up another iTunes account and continue their spam campaign.


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