Ive started to look in to screen printing as a way of designing T-shirts, I’m struggling to get any inspiration for designs so though I just try and help out a friend and design a t-shirt for his PC repair business, this is my first attempt.


I started off with a 200×200 colour picture of that monkey and had to turn it in to something that was easily screen printed, with the help of  Photo Zoom which enlarged the picture and tried to enhance the quality and done a pretty good job. Using photoshop and some time I managed convert it to something useable. I’ll try to get some samples to show how good Photo Zoom is.

I know the pupils are not finished, I want to finish them off with a sharpie when I print the design on to acetate. Which is the next step…. More to come hopefully with more pictures

If you need your PC or Mac repair and your in the Kent area Computer Monkey is a worth a call. On the website you are able to see the logo I started of with.



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