How to Block iMessage Spam

Spam on imessage is starting to be a problem for some people, I believe this is because imessage is free to use to anyone with a mac, iPhone, iTouch or iPad, also it is possible to identify a phone number or email address associated with imessage without sending any test imessages. Unfortunately apple at this time haven’t implemented a system to be able to block specific users on imessage. But don’t worry there are two choices to block imessage spam. The first is to turn off imessage, for most people this is not an option. For those who want to turn off imessage this is done but going to settings them message and turning off imessage. In the picture below you can see how turn off imessage:

Turning off imessage

The second choice is to block imessage spam is to only get imessage notifications from your contacts. This will not stop you from receiving imessage spam but will stop your phone notifying you when you receive it.

To only receive notifications about imessage from your contacts you will have to go to settings then to notifications. In notifications you will have to scroll down to the bottom of and change the “Show iMessage Alerts From:” option from everyone to my contacts only. In the picture below you can see what you need to change:


How to Block Imessage Spam


This will not stop you getting imessage from spammers but block imessage spam by not notifying you every time you get spam. Hopefully apple are starting to get plans in place to be able fight imessage spam as time goes on this will become more and more of a problem, but to this date apple haven’t made any statements on how or if they try to block spam on their imessage infrastructure. For more information on imessage spam check out this post about imessage spam.

Secure Passwords – How To Choose Them

Secure passwords will help all your personal information stay safe and a 64 character password will help this. Although it may sound over the top, it is important for your peace of mind that no one will be able to guess your password. This will help ensure that no one but you has access to your data. This might include your: email, social network or financial accounts. Not everyone can remember a 64 character password so we need to choose secure passwords without having them so long.

There are a few rules we should follow when choosing secure passwords. The basic things that everyone should know are:

  • Use upper and lower case letters
  • Use Numbers

The problems with just using these are there are so many programs that go through a dictionary to guess your password and there are even some that are able to replace certain letters with numbers (e.g. S and 5, O and 0, T and 7). This means that just using these basic ways will not give you secure passwords.

There are a few more rules we should use when choosing secure passwords:

  • Using symbols
  • If your using a word as your password misspell it
  • Using random letters, numbers and symbols
  • Longer the password the more secure it is

If you only use lower case letters a 6 character password has 309 million combinations. By using Upper, lower case, number and symbols a 6 character password has 782 billion combinations. Best practise would be to use random letters, numbers and symbols but in real life not everyone would be able to remember this without having it written down somewhere, As that would make all the secure passwords useless if some one were to notice the post-it on your desk.

These tips will help you have secure passwords but doesn’t help remembering every password you need, for that I recommend using the idea of variable password. Its a simple idea that makes it easy to have secure and unique password for all of your accounts. For some more information about having a secure passwords read about Variable Passwords.

for more good advice on choosing secure passwords check out:


Variable Passwords


A lot of people are guilty are of the one cardinal sin to do with passwords, that is using the same password for every single account. We all know that we shouldn’t but it’s just so hard to have all our passwords secure, unique and memorable. The idea of variable passwords is as long as you remember the steps to get the password all of your accounts can have unique and secure passwords.

The idea is you have a constant password which should be a secure password to start off with, for help choosing a secure password read my article on choosing a secure password. The constant password is used in all of your passwords. Added to the constant will be a variable that is different for every account/service, the way the variable is decided and added can be as easy or as hard as you want.

The variable has to be something to do with the website or service it will be used for, a good example would be the website URL. The first or last 3 letters of the URL could be the variable, once we have the variable could be put on the end of constant or in the middle. Here is a simple examples:

Constant = password


Variable at the end : passwordgma

Variable in the middle : passgmaword


Although this would make your password more secure it maybe noticed that your gmail password has “gma” in it, a better idea would be to change variable in to numbers. The easiest way would be a=1, b=2, c =3 and so on. So “gma” now becomes: 7131 (g=7, m=13, a=1).Which is hard to see how the variable was decided. Taking that one step further you could alternate between the constant and variable password. This could be either the initial variable or the number variable derived from the initial variable. Here are some examples:

Varible Passwords


The idea can be expanded to reverse the variable before you use it or add your birth date on to the variable once it has been converted to numbers. The idea of variable passwords can be as simple or complex as you want it to be, As long as you can remember the steps to get your variable and how they are placed in the password you should never forget any of your unique and secure passwords again.



Uses for a Raspberry Pi

With the Raspberry Pi about to ship I’m sure everyone is trying to think of some uses for them, So here is a list of uses I could think of  for the Raspberry Pi

Low Cost NAS

Using the 2 USB ports it is possiable to setup a home nas, unfortunatly freenas dont do a ARM processor build. The buffalo terastation is an arm based NAS so it is possable to do.

Web Server

fedora are making sure that apache most used web server is working so it can be used on the Raspberry Pi’s ARM processor, i dont suggest it for a high traffic web site but it would be great for a person site or web development.

Digital Sign

The Raspberry Pi is a great little low cost and low power consumption PC to use to power a digital signage solution. It is more than capiable for displaying a web page.

Low Power Consumption Torrent Server

With the Raspberry Pi you would no longer have to leave your PC on to download your torrents, with a usb harddrive connect or maybe mapped back to a shared on your nas you can download torrents all day every

Mobile Wireless Access Point

The Raspberry Pi is powered by mini usb which makes it great to be used as a mobile Wireless Access Point, but currently im not sure if anyone has got a usb 3g modem working with the ARM processor yet.

Educational Use

I currently work in education and it would be a great low cost device to teach programming on, it has been said to be the BBC micro for the new generation.

If you have any more ideas for uses share them in the comments


How to Apply Iron on T-Shirt Transfers

This is just a quick guide on how to iron on your T-Shirt transfer, this guide wont be helpful for people that want to put transfers on hats or other akaward shaped items. If you havent got a T-Shirt Transfer check Redemption Vinyls T-Shirt Transfers if you cant find what your looking for email Lets get started there are a few things you will need to have to make this happen:

  • An Iron
  • T-Shirt or hoodie
  • Transfer
  • Chopping Board, Drawing Board or similar
  1. First of all your going to need put your chopping board underneath your t-shirt, so where you want to put the design is in the centre of the chopping board, and just give this a quick iron to make sure its all flat.
  2. You just what to double check the transfer and make sure the sticky side doesn’t have any thing stuck to it. once that is fine you need to place the transfer sticky side down on the t-shirt where you want it and firmly rub the transfer to make sure its flat on the t-shirt. Now you will need to make sure the transfer is straight and where you want it, if its not shere you want to pull it off and stick it down again.
  3. Ideally if you have a heat press set it to 150oC but if you only have an iron then it is best to set it to the lowest cotton setting your iron has. now with your design where you want it and your iron up to temperature you will need to firmly iron the design, do not left the iron for too long in any one spot. it should take between 5-7 seconds. if the transparent plastic starts to warp then its getting to hot and you should turn down your iron.
  4. Now you just need let your t-shirt cool down. its important that you let it col down the hot glue on the transparent plastic will stick to your t-shirt and it is a real pain to get it off. once your t-shirt is cook slowly peel off the transparent plastic if glue is being left behind on the t-shirt let it cool down some more. the transfer should be on the t-shirt now as you peel the transparetn plastic off, if part of the design comes off with it then just stick it back down and iron it for a little longer.
  5. Once the transparent plastic if off put your t-shirt on and enjoy.
If you have any questions leave a comment and I’ll try to answer them. I will add some pictures later on and try and put together a video.


Netflix UK

Netflix has finally come to the UK, at £5.99 a month for all you can stream it sounds a good deal. But after using the streaming service over the past two weeks I’ve found that it just depends on what your looking to watch. Netflix selection of films is in my opinion very limited, although I can always find a film to watch it is never my first choice and I find my self watching films from the 80s or films that I’ve never heard of before. Although I have found a handful of films that were great and probably wouldn’t have watch them if I had a choice of some thing else. Netflix does have a good selection of TV series but there is still room for improvement

Netflix does allow you to log in with your Facebook account, which makes signing up a bit quicker but also then publishes what you watch on to your wall. You do have a choice but I didn’t realise and now everybody knows my shameful secret that I like to watch the secret diaries of a call girl. Lol

Although I have pointed out all of the problems the fact is even after the 1 month free trial I still have a subscription and  I’m still using it nearly everyday. so give the month free trial a go you never know you might like secret diaries of a call girl aswell.



Living 21

living 21

Living21 is a great website thats trying to promote awareness of what they can do to help others and how a little help goes a long way. This is how they explain there objectives:

Living 21 – The Early Years…..helping children to see and begin to understand the world, to play and learn.

Living 21 – The Learning Years…..helping the young through school, university, apprenticeships. Ensuring that choices are understood, ideas shared and support given.

Living 21 – The Working Years…..helping people to cope with work-life balance, building work and life skills, managing challenges in the workplace, redundancy, stress advancement.

Living 21 – The Rewarding Years…..Helping to identify choices as the family grows and needs change, new opportunities and visions for the future.

Living 21 – The Later Years…..Helping to make life better in advancing years, ensure care is planned for and provided, decisions about homes and finances and enjoying every minute.

 Also check out their twitter @living_21


iMessage Spam

If your looking to block iMessage spam check out this blog post : How to block iMessage spam

Will iMessage spam be the next big thing for mobile marking spammers? Just like Facetime that started out on IOS devices and soon made its way to OSX, iMessage will probably follow soon enough. But what would be the use of having iMessage on a device that wasn’t in your pocket? well there isn’t so apple may add iMessage to the rest if their products on


If you search iMessage spam there are the first few reports from people about iMessage spam but at the moment it isn’t a problem the majority have. But there is a problem with the current iMessage system unlike Blackberry Messenger you do not have to add before they can message you, so any one with your iMessage phone number or email address is able to send you anything they wish. Some thing that most people won’t have noticed because you only give out your iMessage to people you want to contact you, but currently there isn’t a way to block people on iMessenger, the only way is to turn off your iMessage.

I’m sure that apple with be able to stop certain iMessage accounts if they get to many complaints but it is easy enough to open up another iTunes account and continue their spam campaign.


Redemption Vinyls


Redemption Vinyls

Redemption vinyls is a UK based business I have just started to provide custom t-shirts,clothing, vinyl decals stickers, signs and banners. we have a range popular and funny decals and stickers for sale on our website and on ebay

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Creation PCUT CTO630 Driver and Manual

For any one thats lloking for the driver and manual for the Creation PCUT CTO630 here they are:

Creation PCUT CTO630 Manual

These are the USB drivers, no drivers are need to use Creation PCUT CTO630 via the serial port:

Creation PCUT CTO USB Driver

if you got any problems with setting up your Creation PCUT CTO630 check out my guide here

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